The UAST strongly supports the implementation of knowledge testing as a means to ensure that operators understand pertinent rules essential to safe operation. UAS technology is widely available and affordable to consumers without prior remote pilot training.

Section 349 of the Reauthorization Act, enacted in October 2018, directed the FAA, “in consultation with manufacturers of unmanned aircraft systems, other industry stakeholders, and community-based organizations, [to] develop an aeronautical knowledge and safety test, which can then be administered electronically” to operators of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) used for recreational operations.

The UAST’s mission is to bring together stakeholders to develop and recommend safety enhancements to promote safe UAS operations in the national airspace. Congress intended that the FAA consult with stakeholders on the development of a knowledge test for limited recreational operations. In this paper, we provide a high-level set of concepts to assist the FAA in developing this test, recommendations on the test administration process, and insights that could also be useful to other entities implementing their own UAS pilot knowledge testing.

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